10.00am Sunday 26th January

Please note that on Sunday 26th January, we are replacing our usual regular services with a single, joint Service of Holy Communion to say “Thank You” to everyone who is a key member of our church, leads an activity, is on a rota, on the PCC, in the Choir, a bellringer or helps in any way.  We’ll also be taking a Family Photograph to celebrate 50 years of worship in our new church building.

Our regular Services are:


Every Sunday morning at 9.30am we meet for a traditional Common Worship service with hymns. This is usually Communion except on the first Sunday of each month when we have Morning Prayer with an extended talk or occasional baptisms. During this service there are groups for children (0-10) and youth (11-18). Make sure you stick around after the service for tea, coffee and lovely cake!


This service is an informal and contemporary service with modern songs led by the worship band. There are activities for children during the service and communion is shared on the first Sunday of every month.


Every Wednesday morning at 10am a service is held in the Joshua Chapel to the side of the main worship area. This is usually a simple Communion service, and sometimes a Morning Prayer service, and is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to find some space for prayer and reflection during the week.