Restoration fund

Visitors to All Saints’ can’t help but notice the challenges our church faces. As you walk into the main chapel, you can see water damage to the Columbian pine panelling, cracked windows and warped entry doors. On 28 February 2021, Storm Eunice brought 80 mph winds to London that destroyed the 25’ tall window at rear of the church and damaged our 14th century bell tower. We temporarily covered the window with plywood and made superficial repairs to the tower to keep the church open.

Less visible, but highly concerning, is the church’s roof. Despite being patched time and time again, it leaks after every rainfall, and now needs extensive restoration. Though much of the church is ‘modern,’ rebuilt in 1969, it is once again at a critical juncture in its history. We will need to raise substantial funds to ensure All Saints’ can continue to operate and to preserve it for future generations.

In response, the PCC has commissioned an architectural survey to understand the full extent of the structural and engineering issues and repairs needed. Then, we plan to solicit proposals for All Saints’ restoration, conduct fundraising and grant applications.

Preliminarily, we anticipate that the costs of the building work will be very costly. We will keep you updated on our progress on this page.

In the meantime, we are earmarking funds for All Saints’ restoration. To contribute, please follow the link and instructions.