A Word from Our Vicar

Since the beginning of the lockdown I have been going into the church to check around the buildings once each week.  Each time I picture the place buzzing with life on Sundays.  The building is tremendously important to us and it’s ironic that we’re not able to meet in it for so much of this, the 50th anniversary year of it’s opening.  However, each time I go in I am reminded that the church is so much more than the building – that it is actually the community of people that make up All Saints.  The apostle Peter, in his first letter to the early church wrote ‘Like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood’ (1 Peter 2:5).  Even though we’re not able to meet together we are still All Saints because we are the living stones that create the church.

towerLike many of you, I’m longing for the end of lockdown and for us to being able to meet together again.  However, it seems as though this will be a while yet.  The London Bishops have this week said that clergy can go back into church on their own to pray or to livestream services so long as no one else is with them.  This is Phase 1. We are going to continue with our on-line services as they are for the present.  Phase 2 is likely to come later in the summer.  In Phase 2 we will be able to film services in church with musicians as we did at the end of March, providing we can all keep to social distancing.  We will do this as and when we are told we can.  Phase 3 will involve some sort of return to services in church.  We don’t yet know what this will look like but it’s likely that some form of social distancing will still be in place.  We’re waiting for further guidance on that in the days and weeks to come.

Please be assured that we will return to some form of service in church within permitted guidelines as soon as we are able but this is not likely to be for some weeks yet so please subscribe to our YouTube channel “All Saints Parish Church Old Isleworth” for Sunday Services and Daily Prayer.

For the meantime, Catharina and I are meeting every week on Zoom and we are praying for people as usual.  If you have anything specific you would like prayer for, or if you know of anyone who is ill,  then do either phone or e-mail us (Ali on 07575 163626 – ali.walton@allsaints-isleworth.org  &  Catharina on 07840 724053 –catharina.gisleskog@allsaints-isleworth.org).

With love and blessings to everyone

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