A Word from our Vicar

Over the weeks of the joint services in August Robyn taught us a new song – ‘Come people of the risen King’. It’s a lovely song of praise and rejoicing which focuses on God’s love and faithfulness. These are the words of the first two verses and chorus:

Come people of the risen King,
Who delight to bring Him praise
Come all and tune your hearts to sing
To the Morning Star of grace.
From the shifting shadows of the earth
We will lift our eyes to Him
Where steady arms of mercy

reach to gather children in.

Rejoice, rejoice
Let every tongue rejoice!
One heart, one voice

O Church of Christ rejoice!

Come those whose joy is morning sun
And those weeping through the night
Come those who tell of battles won
And those struggling in the ‘ght.
For His perfect love will never change
And His mercies never cease
But follow us through all our days
With the certain hope of peace.


It seems to me to be a great song because it doesn’t rely on how we feel but rather on God’s faithfulness and it acknowledges that sometimes life is full of joy, sometimes weeping, battles, struggles and fight. But in all that we can still give the Lord thanks and praise because whatever we’re going through, his perfect love never changes. His arms are always wide open to welcome us in, his mercies never cease and so we can know peace.

As the year becomes increasingly busy in the ramp up towards Christmas let’s hold onto these words and pray that as individuals and as a church our lives will be full of the Lord’s grace, love and peace.

With every blessing,




Come People of the Risen King


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